millbrook fisheries
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Millbrook Fisheries Rules

Millbrook fisheries would appreciate that all users of the lake thoroughly read and abide by our rules.

Fishing Rules

  • No under 18's
  • Two rods only
  • One person per peg (no fishing in between pegs)
  • sorry No guests allowed
  • Micro Barbed Hooks only/no barbless hooks
  • no fixed leads they must be easy to eject if the fish gets snagged
  • No braided mainlines
  • no one is allowed to leave the fishery after the gates are locked at (5PM) only in an (EMERGENCY) 
  • 12lb minimum breaking strain
  • strictly no lead core
  • safe zone leaders are allowed but must be set up safe(lead ejects easy etc,etc)
  • rubber tubing is allowed 
  • no zig rigs allowed
  • ''SPOMBS'' must have a spomb float attached
  • rigs will be randomly checked/anyone breaking these rules will be banned from the fishery
  • No bait boats allowed
  • no fish to be taken away from the lake/this will lead to prosecution(please don't be aggrieved if asked to check your vehicle)
  • when photographing please keep fish over unhooking mat/No standing up while holding fish
  • No sacking of fish allowed
  • No rods to be left unattended (please use common sense)
  • Only use weigh slings ⁄ landing nets &  carp cradles provided by the fishery
  • please do not sit in the carp cradles as this may damage them (thank you)
  • All fish to be returned to the water  by the weigh slings provided as quickly and safely as possible
  • no climbing of any gates/trees or fences this will lead to a instant ban
  • No Fires allowed
  • antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated please keep noise to a minimum at all times
  • please keep gates closed at all times
  • no tents/gazebos/only fishing bivvies are allowed
  • No Dogs allowed
  • All litter/cigarette butts/tea bags etc to be taken away from the lake and pegs left tidy
  • Radio"s ⁄ TV"s allowed but volume to a minimum
  • Always respect your fellow anglers
  • please note these rules are put into place to protect our fish and to keep them in good health and the safety for our customers, thank you.

Bait Rules

  • Freezer baits (boilies) & Pellets only
  • no particles allowed (only cooked maize may be used which as been prepared by the fishery) 
  • No nuts of any kind allowed
  • maggots can be used only between the months of( november-february)
  • Plastic baits eg plastic corn/fake maggots are not allowed

Carp Care at Millbrook

Hook holds ⁄ damaged scales or lips to be treated with carp care products which can be provided by the fishery,please avoid eyes and gills.


  • Anyone caught breaking the rules will be banned from the lake without a refund.
  • Any disputes arising the managements decision is final
  • The management reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone
  • Millbrook fisheries accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to fishing tackle, cars or persons
  • we have infra red cctv in operation 24/7 around the fishery
  • we have a electric otter fence running the perimeter of the lake please keep away