millbrook fisheries
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About Millbrook Fisheries

We"ve been looking for a lake or land for around two years for the purpose of developing a specimen carp fishery in the Stoke-on-Trent/ Staffordshire area.

We eventually acquired a lake in September 2011 which was originally known as Millpool and had all types of coarse fish. We had the fishery netted and removed the fish in October 2011. The work then started to turn Millpool match fishery into a 12 peg specimen carp fishery and we renamed it Millbrook fisheries.we stocked millbrook in 2013/14/ and 2015 with over 200 fish from mark simmonds/fishers pond strain ranging from 8lb to 29lb and the weight gains have averaged 3-5lb per year  from scaley mirror's to big shouldered commons we now have in the region of 100-120 fish averaging 20lb - 30lb plus,with the quality of fish we have we hope that millbrook fisheries will go from strength to strength and give you enjoyable carpers experience.